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Our mission is to address recurring socio-econmic, educational, mental health and global issues that we as global citizens currently face on a daily basis. We understand that this world is always changing leaving many with various needs and dilemmas. Hence, we find it important to address these global concerns in efforts to raise awareness that can possibly lead to forums, programs, social action and funding opportunities.

Our future mission is to focus on assisting rural, underdeveloped and/or marginalized communities throughout North America, South America, and Africa. Upon popular request, we will work with communities that contact our team. We seek to address the beauties and richness of countries that are typically coined as being impoverished and showcase the positives of these countries. Through cultural education and touring key places in the countries of our host communities we seek to create and implement meaningful projects.



We seek to develop a community everywhere we go. Essentially, we are a mobile NPO and we have a diverse team of people that  uphold the vision of community building, community outreach and International Development. Our vision is to cultivate an environment within communities by establishing programs that mutually involve community members and active donors.

Key Areas of Interest

- Socio - Economics

- Educational activities

- Empowerment sessions 

- Global Issues 

- Mental Health Awareness

Developing a community everywhere we go.


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