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DCE Programs 
Developing Communities Everywhere (DCE) is  currently hosting an online community hub that strives to assist and support communities globally in areas where they need support and aid.  Throughout all of our sites we offer programs geared towards; family health & wellbeing, community skill building & health promotion and education.  Under these three highlights we offer programming specific to each highlight that is inclusive to the needs of the communities we work with. 

Community Skill Building

Our Community Skills building programs work exclusively with communities we are operating in to curate training sessions and interactive workshops to help build community capacity. Whether it is developing financial literacy, job building, mental health wellness,  our community skill building programs are tailored to providing specialised training.


Our community skill building programs help to develop and uncover the needed skills a community needs to be self-reliant and self-directed.

Family Health & Well-being

Our family health and well-being programs focuses on addressing the social, physical and emotional health of the families in the communities we work with. Our programming include but are not limited to educational workshops, classes and in-person conslutations for families in the areas of; mental health, maternal wellness and food & nutrition learning. However as we community based and believe in working with the community we are working with on a needs based.

Our pgoramming under this pillar is revolving to fit the needs of the families we work in a better state.

Health Promotion & Education: 

Our Health and Promotional Education programs works with highlighting health education across the communities we work in. Our programs focus on mental & emotional health education and well-being promotion, harm reduction and addictions education, nutrition and chronic health education as well as personal health hygiene.

Desk Globe

DCE Chapters

DCE in Ghana


Our vision is to work with rural and underdeveloped communities throughout Ghana. Our focus is to assist deprived communities by helping tackle educational, health and well being of the people. We also want to highlight the beauties and richness of Ghana which is typically coined as being impoverished and showcase the positives of this country. Through cultural education and touring key places in the countries of our host communities we seek to create meaningful projects.

DCE at Kings

Our mission is to step away from the traditional learning avenues

by seeking to bring awareness of various global crises and international developments. As a part of the student body at King’s University College an affiliation of the University of Western Ontario

( Western University) , we would like to demonstrate our elaborative theorization by creating a blueprint to objectively
analyze the science of the deeply rooted issues in the City of London (Ontario) and as well the King’s Community. With the same mindset and value to help enrich our community. DCE @ Kings is committed to foster any direct action to make our

community a better place.

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