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Founder's Note: Why I Started DCE

Updated: Feb 20

Written by Mrs. Bridget Ofosu Andam

Developing Communities Everywhere (DCE) is not just an organization to me; it is a deeply held belief in the power of togetherness and unity. As the CEO and Founder of DCE, its significance goes beyond the title—it is a calling, a commitment, and a vision for a better world.

In a world marked by social inequalities and injustices, the need for an organization like DCE becomes increasingly apparent. DCE stands for the values that I hold dear: unity, social support, and community development. It is an embodiment of the belief that when people come together, positive change can be achieved and this is believe is my life's purpose.

Since its inception in 2020, DCE has locally made significant strides in pursuing its mission. We started by officially registering our organization in London, Ontario, Canada, a crucial step in laying the foundation for our work. Beyond the bureaucratic processes, DCE's impact has been felt through the establishment of our pasr student chapter, 'DCE at King’s.' This initiative serves as a testament to our commitment to empowering the student generation with the values of community building and social responsibility.

DCE's journey has been marked by various events on the Western University: King University College campus and has created programs that align with our core principles. "Youth Voices" is one such initiative that gave young people a platform to express their art, opinions and concerns, fostering a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Additionally, our "GBV Focus Group" addressed critical issues related to gender-based violence, contributing to the wider discourse on social justice.

Community socials organized by DCE have not only brought people together but have also strengthened bonds within our organization. These events are a reflection of our commitment to creating a sense of community and belonging, which is often lacking in today's society.

Looking ahead, DCE has ambitious plans for expansion. We are eager to extend our reach by establishing an organization in Africa, aptly named 'DCE: AFRICA.' This move is not just about expanding geographically but also about embracing diverse cultures and perspectives in our mission to make the world a better place.

In the coming years, we aspire to embark on another journey by founding 'DCE: ASIA,' further solidifying our global presence and making a difference on multiple continents. My vision for DCE is to see it spread its wings across the world, bringing positive change and development to every corner of the globe.

Developing Communities Everywhere is not just a name; it is a promise. It is a promise to work tirelessly towards creating a world where unity, equality, and social support are not just ideals but realities. It is a promise to continue our journey of growth and expansion, with the ultimate goal of making a lasting impact on communities everywhere.

DCE is important to me because it embodies the values I hold dear, and it has already made significant progress in fulfilling its mission. As the CEO and Founder, I am committed to seeing DCE thrive and extend its reach, ultimately making the world a better place for all. Together, we can build stronger communities, bridge divides, and create a brighter future for generations to come.

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